About us

Star2billing S.L. specialises in commercial and open source telephony solutions.

About Emerzia

Emerzia is a derivative of Newfies-Dialer, the popular free and open source auto-dialling and voice broadcast software.

We have tuned and optimised Emerzia for stability, reliability, and most of all, capacity, as well as bundling software not freely available such as AMD and SMS broadcasting, to create a versatile reverse emergency notification system.

Emerzia benefits from the free and open source Newfies-Dialer platform, in that our community thoroughly tests Newfies-Dialer. Once tested, the new features are implemented in Emerzia, secure in the knowledge that the these features will add extra functionality without jeopardising stability.

The core of Emerzia is offered under the same MPL2 licence as Newfies-Dialer.

Emergency Calling system - Newfies-Dialer


About Star2Billing

Star2Billing was formed to provide a commercial structure supplying professional support and installation services for A2Billing, one of the most popular open source switch and billing systems available today.

The company has grown rapidly as it has created new products such as CDR-Stats and Newfies-Dialer, and continues to develop its original product, A2Billing, which has been available for nearly 10 years.

The Principals of Star2Billing have decades of commercial experience in telecoms and telecoms software development.

Emergency Calling system - Star2Billing