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Emerzia systems can be installed on your own servers if you have a good business case or technical reason for doing so. Our charge is the same whether we use our servers or yours. Using our servers guarantees the stated capacity.

Emerzia will only allow as many concurrent calls for the system that you have purchased. If you regularly reach your limit, we will contact you and let you know this is happening so you can make a decision to upgrade.

In brief, we are responsible for the features that are advertised.

So we will do the following:
– Solve bugs if there is any (bug means if any feature is not working as it should)
– If you have any question we will answer it
– After your deployment if you face any issues/bugs, our support will help you to solve them quickly.

Payment is monthly in advance, substantial discounts can be offered for annual subscriptions.

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Email: sales@dialer.ai
US Phone: +1 415-937-6673
UK Phone: +44 20 8068 2675

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