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Emerzia is built to make sending Emergency notifications messages to thousands or millions of peoples in a few clicks!

Reverse Emergency Dialing

Reverse emergency dialing using an auto-dialer, automatically calls thousands of numbers from a phone list or database. Once the call has been answered, the autodialer either plays a recorded message or connects the call to a live person. Emerzia has a "Live Person Confirmation" feature allowing the contact to indicate that they have heard and understood the message by pressing a button on their handset. This data is recorded in the comprehensive reporting system.

Advanced outbound IVR

Complex IVR trees can be designed to collect information from the contact and includes recording, multi-choice, extension dialling, and conferencing nodes.

High capacity

Tests on a mid-range server resulted in 1 million calls in just under 5 hours. Multi-Server systems will result in much higher capacity.

Realtime Reporting

Capacity monitoring and other key performance indicators are reported in realtime, with downloadable reports and enabling drill-down to individual survey results.

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API Integration

Numerous API's are available to allow straightforward integration with third party applications

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Contact Acquisition

A sign up page is provided to allow the community to register their phone details online with Emerzia and select which type of alerts they want, for instance school closures through to disaster and evacuation alerts.

Emergency Notification System

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